She’s Back?!

She’s Back?!


Well, we don’t know if she’s totally back but she is alive.

Taylor Swift has recently posted a photo on Instgram on March 2, 2017.  One of her close friends, Lorde (aka Ella), finally released a single after three years.  Shortly after, Taylor was seen on Tumblr.  In her Instagram post, she used “teen words” such as gtg, brb, and bop.  Someone on Twitter made a post about it and Taylor, being the queen she is, replied back.


Also, a few days before that happened, Ed Sheeran mentioned Taylor in an interview.  He said that Taylor will probably be releasing a new album (aka TS6!!!) around Christmas of this year.  It seems like forever away yet, however, if it means new music this year, I will wait for as long as I have too.  

Thank you so much for reading and I apologize for this post being a bit short.  Future blog posts will probably be this length or longer.  It all depends on what the post is about.  See you guys next week!



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